Friday, November 23, 2012

La Sposa and Janelle Make A Perfect Pairing in New Hampshire

La Sposa and Janelle make the perfect pairing in her gorgeous New Hampshire wedding!

A Princess Bride Couture staff always looks forward to the brides who radiates as much kindess AND calmness as Janelle. So it was easy to anticipate a gorgeous, effortlessly chic wedding encased in love. And that's exactly what happened for Janelle and her new husband in New Hampshire.

"I had a wonderful experience at Princess Bride. We got engaged nearly two years prior to our wedding so I had plenty of time to look around. When it came time to get serious and find a dress I made an appointment and came to look at dresses at Princess Bride.

Nikki was my sales associate and I can't say enough good things. She let me select the dresses I was interested and then threw in a few that she thought I may like. I tried them all on and two seriously caught my attention. I decided that one was definitely my favorite and went home to sleep on it. Nikki followed up with the information of the dress for me, offered follow up appointments if I wanted to try it on again, and best of all was never pushy about any of it. I came back twice to try it on- once time to show two friends and the 2nd because my family was coming in to town to visit. I had made my decision but wanted them to see it before I made the purchase.

After I purchased it Nikki had checked in to see how things were going, then she contacted me to let me know the dress had come in (under the time they estimated may I add). I was able to come and try it on again so I could think about other purchases i needed to make and finally my fittings were so easy- two appointments and everything was perfect and it was tricky dress with lots of lace.

Everything was wonderful! Thank you!"


 La Sposa "Denia" Gown

First Look!

La Sposa "Denia" is the perfect addition to their super sweet first dance as Husband and Wife

Thank you Janelle for sharing your special day with us!

Gown: La Sposa "Denia" from A Princess Bride Couture
Wedding Location: New Hampshire

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